Introducing the Symphony Foundation & Community Blog

In case anyone didn’t notice, for the last three posts, I shamelessly “borrowed” my personal blog to provide updates on the early stages of the Symphony Software Foundation, the non profit company that I have the honor to head.

We have accomplished a lot in the last 7 months, including launching a Community Blog (, for all Symphony Software Foundation and Community Members to follow updates on our Community, Events & Projects.

And From now on, I am going bring this blog to what it’s supposed be, a personal blog.

Building our Community bottom up. Thanks for a great Member Meeting!

An recap of our energizing First Members Meeting

A view from the Symphony offices. The reflection in the window kind of adds an air of mystery and intrigue, no?

I wanted to start by thanking everyone for creating so much excitement and traction following our first ever Members Meeting, which took place on May 17th, 2016 at the Conrad Hotel in New York City.

A few A/V hiccups notwithstanding, the meeting went extremely well, with informative presentations and open collaboration throughout the day. There were more than fifty people and 15 organizations represented in attendance, along with over a dozen speakers.  Many of you expressed interest in the material presented during the event, so check out our speakers presentations on Slideshare.

We welcome all members of the Community to dive into the content, and to provide feedback and ideas as we increase both in numbers and in reach.  Once again thank you to all those who participated, the speakers and to Community Members providing feedback and helping us build this Open revolution in Financial Services. 

The purpose of the first meeting was to come together as a group, introduce ourselves, and review the Symphony Software Foundation’s current state and roadmap.  It was also used as a forum to elect members of the Symphony Software Foundation’s ESCo, which we’ll highlight shortly.  Key updates were provided on the status of the organization & governance, product & technology, and community & ecosystem.

For more detailed information, please feel free to review my presentation below, which also outlines the goals and initiatives for Q3 and Q4 of 2016: these include, among other things, completing existing and new inflight contributions, broadening the technology for full open-source readiness, and expanding Membership.

Speaking of Membership, both,  OpenFin and BondLab (Foundation prospective Members) were particularly well-received as prospects at the meeting, which bodes quite well for their candidacy. More to come on that front soon…

Congratulations to Our Newest ESCo Leads

As mentioned, at the meeting Members voted on new ESCo Members leads. First off, I want to thank the 5 Candidates who stepped up, it was a really competitive election.

New ESCo Member Leads
Our newest ESCo Member leads, Johan Forsell of FactSet (left), and Frank Tarsillo of Markit (right).

On behalf of the Symphony Software Foundation Membership and Community, please join us in congratulating the newest leads of the Symphony Software Foundation ESCo,  James Turck of Credit Suisse, pictured on the left, and Frank Tarsillo of Markit, on the right. I am personally  very pleased to have a represetnation from a Founding Member and one from a Community Member, in the spirit of an optimal representation of our Community.

We look forward to their guidance and contributions in the upcoming months and the two years to follow.  For more information about the ESCo, visit our ESCo space.

For a bright Open Source Future on the Symphony Platform 

If you find the time to review the agenda or any of the presentations, you will quickly learn that a lot was covered at the meeting, from code contributions to open source product lifecycle management.

What was most pervasive throughout the presentations and the many discussions, however, was a communal sense of importance and excitement in regards to bringing open source  within Financial Services.

Open source software is no longer a theoretical “nice-to-have”,  but an essential investment that yields a return on investment in a myriad of ways, whether through sweat equity, time and cost savings, collaborative contributions, new product developments, or sheer innovation.

As vanguards within this industry we recognize that change management will be challenging, but we believe that it will not be an uphill battle but merely a matter of time and with your help, I can safely say that that time is now!

We have the opportunity to bring Open Source in Financial Services from the front door, and if you sometimes struggle to see how we are going to do it, well, I think the Mahatma Gandhi had a good way to look at this. Check the video below and I’ll see you at the next Foundation event!

What’s happening with the Maven Alfresco SDK? Get ready for 2.x!

After about 10 (really very busy) months of silence in this blog, I think I owe everyone an update of what’s going on with the Maven Alfresco SDK and more in general with Maven and Alfresco.

Lots happened, and it’s still happening, so here’s an update so that

So first things first, from the Alfresco side:

  • As you know, the long journey of Mavenizing the Alfresco build is ended. After Cloud, now Community and soon Enterprise are building with Maven
  • Alfresco Community 5.0.a is out and it’s fully built with Maven. Took about 5 years, but we made it, so get finally ready for a fully orchestrated ecosystem here 🙂
  • Highly likely the old Java / Eclipse SDK is going to be EOL’d, leaving the Maven SDK as the one and only standard de facto best practice to develop on Alfresco
  • We (and Mau specifically) are developing a Maven + Alfresco training that will be delivered at both Alfresco Summits in London and San Francisco. On this note, did you already sign up for Summit US or EMEA? If not, what are you waiting for? The schedule is, once again this year, just A M A Z I N G!

On the SDK side instead we plan to do the following:

  • Move the SDK project to Github, consolidating it in the Alfresco organization. The rationale here, apart from consolidation, is to move to a more modern SCM system which would foster even more visibility and community contributions. Pretty excited about that 🙂
  • We are preparing the SDK release 2.x, which will be compatible with Alfresco 5.x. In the meanwhile you might want to check out the latest 2.0.0-SNAPSHOTS which are increasingly compatible with 5.0.a (disclaimer: YMMV!). Here all the issues we are targeting to resolve, so some work is still required
  • We are seeing community momentum in the SDK like never before, mostly thanks to Ole’s great community help. In particular, Ole has Mavenized already all the samples of the old Java/Eclipse SDK, so we plan to release those together with the new 2.x SDK release and in general make those the reference examples for Alfresco development. Neat isn’t it?
  • If you are interested please help us testing the snapshots, opening issues or even provide contributions. Don’t be shy!

Stay tuned, as we plan to wrap up all this work by Summit, so less than 2 months away. I will then going to be presenting together with Maurizio on a full end to end process to manage Alfresco process, from development and release with the Maven SDK to continuous delivery and deployment with Alfresco Boxes, in a session called “Get Your Alfresco Project from Zero to Hero with Maven Alfresco SDK and Alfresco Boxes“.


           See you there?

            Sign up Here 🙂

I want TODO a list

I reckon the blog might look a bit silent at the moment but I’ve been mostly engaged on site lately, and so to say, customers don’t take blogging too kindly 😛

But I expect some juicy new content to be available soon, I reckon to be interesting for almost all (1 o 2 actually) classes of potential readers of this blog, ranging from Alfresco Partners and Customers to Community members, but also more simply from my personal social (BTW if only all my FB friends would read my blog daily, I would be rich…).

Not much time now but maybe some anticipation (one each, so nobody gets disappointed):

  • For Alfresco Partners, we’re working on a Newsletter which will be issued soon with interesting updates and pointers specifically targeted. Stay tuned!
  • For Alfresco Customers, my quest for Maven Alfresco Enterprise repository is still on. Hope to be able to post updates soon. But if you also think this is a strong enterprise fit requirement, make yourself heard 🙂
  • For the Alfresco Community, apart from some juicy release update and review for OpenCMIS and Surf, discussions are starting to consolidate and produce a new release of the Community Maven Alfresco SDK. If you have any wishes join the Maven Alfresco Community so we might produce a more complete and up to date release.
  • And for my beloved social network, last but not least of course, 2010 is a key year for my personal objectives and I see it already quite shaky. And I’ll turn 30 in 10 months anyways, so worst case you’ll get to make fun on me getting “older”

Now that I look at it seems more of a TODO list rather than a quick eye-and-attention-catching intro but anyways…anything to add? 🙂

Talk soon, gotta go now.

Get me home!

Hey guys,

I’m just trying all media I can 🙂

I’m stuck in Rome and needing to back to A’dam ASAP… so if anyone is going back north out of Italy by car or whatever transportation…plz plz let me know 🙂

I’m also tring to get this done using a nice road sharing site…

Carpooling on the route Roma, italia – Amsterdam, paesi bassi

thanks in advance for any help!

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