Joining Alfresco Product Management – talk to me!!!

And since cats are out of the bag (check out last week’s Alfresco Office Hours with the Alfresco Product Management team), I figured it was about time to make the news official here.

I am delighted and excited to announce that, effective as of November 15th, I have accepted the role of Senior Product Manager, Core Platform / API.Ā  This comes as part of a larger investment and restructuring of the Alfresco Product Management organization.

In this role I will be product managing the core of Alfresco (Repository, Solr, and all the core ECM building blocks) and the private (that we use internally for apps development) / public APIs to interact against the content repository.

I feel the need to hugely thank Alfresco for this great opportunity and personally thanking Thomas for the chance he gave me to make a strategic impact for the company I love.

Now, truth to be told, I’m a little scared as this is a major responsibility. But it’s a positive, motivating fear which will help me keep the bar high and hopefully deliver great work in this position.

My main audience will be specifically Alfresco Developers, internal and external. So I look forward to hear your suggestions and contributions, via this blog but also and most importantly via the Alfresco Community issue tracking, forums and Alfresco Enterprise Customer Portal.

My mission (I’d rather not say promise, not to fall into the ever growing class of Italian promises not delivered upon) is certainly to make sure that the Alfresco platform provides a best in class experience for on premise and cloud development / extension / deployment, while ensuring quality and scalability of the platform itself, for headless usage or integration with 3rd party developed UIs / integrations.

My dream has now come true. Not only being able to work closely together with bright minds and ECM gurus like Peter Monks, David Caruana, Derek Hulley (just to mention a few, there would be many more to add here), but also the opportunity to drive such a strategic component of the product based on my long term field experience on Alfresco, are extremely exciting to me and hopefully to you guys / gals who follow this blog.

My plan to get there (shameless plug alert) … well, you will have to bookmark this page and follow further posts to know more about how I’ll plan to proceed to reach the aforementioned goals šŸ™‚

But in the meanwhile I can already tell you the plan will look somewhere along the lines of something simple, direct and clear to communicate, like my beloved friend Cartman suggests below….






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