Boost your Maven build with best practices

Today I’m approaching the Spring Surf RC2 release and one of the major thing that has been bothering me (and definitely the other devs) has been the slowness and instability of the Maven build.

Recurring issues like:

  • Huge overhead in repository snapshot artifact lookups
  • Multimodule useless plugin invocations
  • Build randomly failing on the build server
  • Release unnecessary complex

In this sense, as Maven has always been my boy, today I decided, prior to the RC2 release, to try and improve performances and stability of the build to a good extent before proceeding with release: in this sense, as I often suggest, a Maven project is somehow like a very sweet but complicated woman, who really need some Tender, Love & Care before actually being able to release all its potential.

And as I believe that, in the infinite hate & love between software writers and software users/configurators, Maven design has too many times blamed for circumstances that actually are fully under the control of the configurator (e.g. the dev who writes the Maven POM), while I go trough this Maven refactoring I dediced to share my experience and achievements with you, to actually try and somehow give Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar.

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