Maven Alfresco Lifecycle to gather all Maven Alfresco components

Few Build Successful’s were more satifsactory then the one which you can see in the window below 😉

Maven Alfresco Lifecycle build successful

Finally all the modules that I’ve been working together with the community, including AMP & Alfresco Extension Maven archetypes and the AMP plugin, under one single build, control and with a proper release process, called (almost obviously) Maven Alfresco Lifecycle featuring:

It was time to wrap up all this work (merging m2Alfresco, maven4Alfresco and other Maven Alfresco related activities) in a more usable and sustainable platform for growing it.

As usual, many thanks go to Mao that provided 1st class infrastructure support (and much more 🙂 on the new Nexus Sourcesense repository.

And this being a double advantage, not only for the community but for the growing number of enterprise customers interested in working with Maven on Alfresco.
I would like now to grow it with features already present in some development branches and exciting new improvements like:

  • Alfresco Share archetype support (already in 3.x branches)
  • SURF / Spring tool suite integration (as Uzi shown us so to be so cool with the new spring-surf)
  • Update and improve the quality of the sample contexts to match the latest and greatest capabilities

As said, I see the interest of the community at large around the project is growing so in case you’re interested I suggest you to participate by joining the lists or opening issues.

So just give it a try…it’s two Maven commands away 😉

Would love to hear your thoughts on how to improve the platform and grow it to the next (enterprise) level. Don’t forget to check out the 3.1.0-stripped branch, where a Maven Calm based version is hosted and there’s already a working Alfresco Share sample project.

Have fun!

6 thoughts on “Maven Alfresco Lifecycle to gather all Maven Alfresco components

  1. This is a fantastic addition!
    I think that Alfresco should have offered something like this from the beginning. Nice work.
    I hope that I get a chance to use it soon.


  2. Hi Ken,
    this is actually neither technically offered nor supported by Alfresco, being an open source project which I created before I joined them as a company.

    There’s a growing interest and if more community gathers around it, as it seems, there are good chances of seeing this Alfresco stamped. At the moment, it’s just not.

    Also needless to say that we’re thinking about going in the Maven direction, and that also relates to the Spring Surf integration work done by Uzi (

    Contributing and gather community attention is by now and by far definitely the best way to grow the Maven support.

    Let me know!


  3. I know that this is not an Alfresco project. I was saying that I thought the company should have put this together, but it’s nice that the community stepped up. If I had started my Alfresco implementation a year ago, I would have been heavily involved in the Maven work. I will probably be contributing some over the next year.


  4. Wouldn’t it be nice (for developers, of course) to publish also alfresco’s source artifacts? For example: core, repository, webservice-client… into the maven repository.


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