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Reading more and more Apache mailing lists you often face tougher questions than you can possibly answer but also blatantly obvious (kinda lazy) questions which you’d like to answer in a very nasty and impolite way…lux-standart.ru

But then as usual “Someone’s did it” and here you are a couple of geek tools when you want to subtly insult an obvious guy:


and the more impolite


For example, do you want to know how to get more information about me and my work, well. click here if you dare πŸ˜‰

Maven for Alfresco on Google Code

Maybe it’s more social 2.0, maybe it’s more open source but on the other hand we the “big brother” threat is still there.
Anyways, for the record I moved the <a href="http://forge.alfresco.com/projects/m2alfresco" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', 'http://forge More Help.alfresco.com/projects/m2alfresco’, ‘m2alfresco Alfresco Forge’);” title=”m2 old project”>m2alfresco Alfresco Forge project to a better and safer place on Google Code, under the new fancy name of maven-alfresco-archetypes.

We’ve a Subversion repository, a Sourcesense hosted Maven2 repository, a mailing list (maven-alfresco nospam at nospam googlegroups.com) and a partner maintaned page on the Alfresco wiki.

Let’s assist and take part to the community miracle πŸ˜‰ragrani.ru

I’ll see you there…

Caius iulius gab

After more than five months, I went back to the beloved mother Italy, for both business and homesickness reasons.
After 4 days spent in Milan for the Advanced JBoss training for J2EE developers (which was interesting but not outstanding, considering the quite out of date material and the basic nature of the course), I ran to Rome on Friday 6th in order to see my friends and my parents. Brief parenthesis here, thanks to Trenitalia for raising the Rome-Milan Eurostar ticket of 10€ in less than 2 years. Impressive €uro effects…

But apart from that and from the typical good weather and mom’s food which keep on being the most important roots that bring me back to my country, I was able to join one of the most crazy private parties in Rome which I can remember: have to say that living in Amsterdam, wild parties are pretty common, but I found quite difficult to have the same level of fun (maybe directly correlated to the level of beer) and empathy between people in parties in Rome.mensclub24

Well, it’s the second year in a row I join these kind of parties (organized by friends of mine which I know since the times of Scarpetteria ): last year it was basically a Pimps and Hookers theme party in which we (me and Mau) masqueraded ourselves with pretty cool results, while this year, supported by all kind of social networking marketing campaigns , the Ancient Roman theme party Baccanalia party had its birth…Gab and vale at Baccanalia 2008

And what a successful birth considering that I ended up as you can see in the photo below (ok, heart shaped glasses are not really latin style but they are SO COOL πŸ™‚ … and they allow me to meet such cool photographers πŸ˜‰ PS: well, for those who did not notice before, I cut my dreadlocks πŸ˜‰

Alfresco and the sustainable open source
(aka Maven is your friend :)

Since almost one year I’m involved in Alfresco ECM huge architectures design, and considering my expertise in open source communities, I’m now at the level of being able to give a clear statement on which are the aspects (not in the Alfresco meaning πŸ˜‰ in which this GREAT product still lacks, especially in terms of open source maturity and scalable community / enterprise application lifecycle support.

My past experiences with open source communities and frameworks like Apache Cocoon , recently released 2.2 version with features like complete springification but most important (to me) the full m10n (mavenization, from Apache Maven), taught me that even the most genius idea, the best architectural pattern or the killer app, will NOT have the desired penetration and adoption (and expected ROI, if you think about enterprise backed open source) if not properly backed by a solid foundation which can (at least) provide the following high level features (among many others which I consider as derivatives):

  • Easy inter-component and intra-component reuse gearing best practices
  • Centralized and standardized component management and definition
  • Fast project startup and (fast if not “hot”) develop-test-commit cycle

Read more Alfresco and the sustainable open source
(aka Maven is your friend πŸ™‚