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Executive Director for Symphony Software Foundation, previously Product leader at Alfresco ECM and proud Apache Software Foundation  committer for the Chemistry project.

Check out my Linkedin profile or an online CV for a detailed description of my qualities, portfolio and career (or Visualize me if are more of a visual kind of person). If you are instead looking for my public speaking and publication expertise check my profile on Lanyrd, while my academic publications can be found in Google Scholar.

Open Source is more than a mere licensing issue, much more than downloading a software package for free, surely much more than just Linux 🙂
Open Source is what keeps my conscience clean, despite working on large enterprise projects, because it’s the basis for a concrete, fair and successful business model based on knowledge exchange rather than on obscure commercial strategies.

I believe open source, open standards and open development process can bring to enterprise and academic organizations that connection that our daily business life proves us not to exist: too many times methodologies and patterns are left in the closed or misused in enterprise environment, and that’s mostly a cultural issue which we wish to solve with a clear communication in a true open spirit.

If you also believe Open Source can improve and rationalize your business, make your developers confident and proactive in their daily activities and leverage on the two way continuous contribution with the nowadays enormous, growing and lively open source community, then you’re in the right place.

If you want support and advices in setting up a fully fledged open source process, join the Symphony Community or give me any feedback, don’t hesitate to contact me on my address

gabriele at apache dot org


I want you for Open Source!

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello I got your name and blog from Apache.org.
    We are a company in McLean, VA and have our website running on Centos, Apache and PHP and are running into performance issues that are exhibited by slow times in Apache access_log files even for gif and Javascript files.
    I was wondering if you can recommend any Apache expert that can help us?



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