[Maven is not so evil] Plexus-archives 2.3 is a life saver

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9 thoughts on “[Maven is not so evil] Plexus-archives 2.3 is a life saver

  1. Note that this only concerns Mac/Unix/Linux machines.
    Windows does not have the problem on the first place – probably because it does know how to execute chmod 😉


  2. Gab,

    Any tips for us poor Windows users? We also see slow build times similar to what you were experiencing – but the plexus fix doesn’t work there.




    1. Hi Jason,

      are you using SSD disks?

      I have to say large war packing/unpacking has been really slow in general when I used Windows.

      Maybe you can try a jstack when it seems your build is stuck / slow and we can pick it up from there (that’s how I tracked down the plexus-archiver issue).


  3. Simply lovely! Is there any open ticket for the WAR plugin to just do it by default?


    1. Nice to hear Jeroen 🙂

      When I saw the difference, I had to share it 🙂


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