I want TODO a list

I reckon the blog might look a bit silent at the moment but I’ve been mostly engaged on site lately, and so to say, customers don’t take blogging too kindly 😛

But I expect some juicy new content to be available soon, I reckon to be interesting for almost all (1 o 2 actually) classes of potential readers of this blog, ranging from Alfresco Partners and Customers to Community members, but also more simply from my personal social (BTW if only all my FB friends would read my blog daily, I would be rich…).

Not much time now but maybe some anticipation (one each, so nobody gets disappointed):

  • For Alfresco Partners, we’re working on a Newsletter which will be issued soon with interesting updates and pointers specifically targeted. Stay tuned!
  • For Alfresco Customers, my quest for Maven Alfresco Enterprise repository is still on. Hope to be able to post updates soon. But if you also think this is a strong enterprise fit requirement, make yourself heard 🙂
  • For the Alfresco Community, apart from some juicy release update and review for OpenCMIS and Surf, discussions are starting to consolidate and produce a new release of the Community Maven Alfresco SDK. If you have any wishes join the Maven Alfresco Community so we might produce a more complete and up to date release.
  • And for my beloved social network, last but not least of course, 2010 is a key year for my personal objectives and I see it already quite shaky. And I’ll turn 30 in 10 months anyways, so worst case you’ll get to make fun on me getting “older”

Now that I look at it seems more of a TODO list rather than a quick eye-and-attention-catching intro but anyways…anything to add? 🙂

Talk soon, gotta go now.

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