Confluence and Alfresco integration … am I seeing double? :)

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8 thoughts on “Confluence and Alfresco integration … am I seeing double? :)

  1. Indeed AppFusions’ ReST connector was rels’d to the Atlassian Plugin Exchange here. And we continue to develop more features and update the demo page along the way.

    Its functionality is invoked via Confluence macros, and the Alfresco server URL is configured in the connector’s configuration screen from within the Confluence Admin console. It also includes French support for Quebec requirements (made available via Confluence language pack).
    While I would agree with you that CMIS may be a good long term solution, we are working in a here and now state. Not a single customer who has contacted us about the connector is using Alfresco 3.3. All are on Alfresco 3.2, which is not CMIS compatible.

    Nonetheless, we are currently testing and developing in support of Alfresco Community and Enterprise 3.2 and 3.3.

    We indeed will evolve the connector to be CMIS compatible in natural maturity with the platforms in the market – Confluence, Alfresco, and beyond.

    While I admit we were very keen to push this to market fast, with a viable solution, I would not say there was excessive marketing at all. We took over the effort with Alfresco and Atlassian management knowledge in mid-April 2010. We shipped in June.

    At same time, I sent an open inquiry via googlegroup for anyone that might like to help us, and did say no guarantee that we would post our solution code iteratively (because I expected it to be fast). I received no response until we released our demo – and then all of a sudden it was bad taste, despite it being all fresh code.

    While I appreciate your open source desires, please understand that we are building a product – not just a good idea connector. We are growing a business, and creating a solution to a customer and market need.

    As the connector progresses in maturity, it will also support the maturity of the ECM platform and E2.0 market. That is our plan – and that is win win.

    We are also working on two other related plugins/connectors to further this same agenda – OpenSearch (search between Alfresco, Confluence, and more repos) and Alfresco to Crowd module update (current one is obsolete based on versions).

    Anyone who wishes to help us, in addition to collaborating on the future with CMIS support, please contact us. We will welcome you and your assistance.

    We work with hosted internal SDLC systems, and the Google platform just does not do it for us for serious software development. We have many more tools than google tools.

    Please take this in stride as only intended – we wish for your support only, and in turn our connector and efforts are meant to support the evolution of the Alfresco market as a whole.


  2. Hi Gab,

    Guess what? I must be one of those enterprise customers, maybe not asking weekly, but still: would LOVE to see a true integration of Confluence and Alfresco.
    Found this blog searching for progress on the subject. World is small, good to see you alive and kicking 😉

    CMIS indeed seems the way to go. Thanks for this blog post. Like it a lot.


  3. Hi Carry,
    sorry for the late reply, but I was on (short) holidays.

    It’s very nice to see that you’re interested; we’re currently coding on the project in order to provide a good code foundation that is clean and open to everyone, but we’re missing the feedback from customers.

    It would be so useful to know a bit more about your use-case; feel free to share your ideas on

    Thanks in advance,

    Maurizio Pillitu


  4. Thanks for the article,

    Is this “confluence-cmis-plugin” going to provide the same features as “Confluence to Alfresco Connector” from appfusions?
    Can the files be launched, viewed, edited, and removed using “confluence-cmis-plugin”?



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