Launching Calm – an opensource answer to Application Lifecycle Management

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Executive Director at Symphony Software Foundation
Grown in the flourishing Open Source Enterprise ecosystem of the last decade, bringing a wealth of expertise on ECM and Application Lifecycle Management, both in terms of Product and People leadership.

With a masters thesis on Business Process Re-engineering on a fully open source stack and 10 years in the tech business between Services, Sales and Engineering, he developed a full-spectrum technical and business expertise, in the context of large scale Enterprise Content Management projects for key government and Fortune 500 global customers.
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 It’s still at its early stages but it’s definitely collecting already lots of interest and potential use cases.

Maven Calm is an Apache Maven based attempt to provide a simple and collaborative implementation to the problems of ALM (Application Lifecycle Management), which is based on a simple rationale developed in 3+ years of complex architectures development on Maven:

“All best practices can be externalized, in a cross technology and cross organization fashion, using Maven project inheritance capabilities”

As Mau explains in his wonderful Maven Calm tutorial, simply by the means of using Calm as parent POM and setting some properties, you have access to a number of pre-configured behaviors of your build, neatly bound to lifecycle phases.

Hopefully this list is meant to grow pretty soon, but at the moment Maven Calm support ALM processes like:

  • Application Packaging and Deployment
  • Release, distribution and change management
  • User and developer documentation site publishing
  • Continuous Unit, integration and regression testing
  • Add your own best practice and avoid re-writing it per project/company!

Calm is open source and hosted on Google Code, so if you want to know more you can find all the info by joining our Google Group 😉

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