The infinite tail of TODO

How come writing is always the last thing?
Before it was blogging, now fashion says we must micro-blog, and we even don’t have time to spend a few words on what we do. Effective as business, but blogging gave us a bit of writers pride, isn’t it? But it goes much earlier than that…the vast majority of software projects is developed almost until the end without any piece of seriously meaningful documentation.

Ok, ok, stop!

I was just finding lame philosophical excuses for not having blogged anything in this period of my life, such dense of changes in many aspects of my life and career. And this blog post keep staying in the infinite backlog of my TODOs.

May you live in interesting times

seems to run a famous Chinese or supposed to be Chinese curse, which I actually heard for the first at the Alfresco Rome’s meetup during my new CTO – John Newton – presentation, but that reflects the current status of my life, career and more in general world there days. Certainly I can’t sayย  I’m bored, if you consider that quite some stuff is going on:

  • First of all, as of April 20th I joined Alfresco in the position of Field Consultant for EMEA Professional Services. Despite the quite complex name, I’m working on many European clients to improve their usage of Alfresco, I will be taking care of technical matters for Italian partners and customers (so don’t be shy guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I’m also involved in many other internal topic. Definitely more to come while I ramp up and understand my role and capabilities in this new exciting challenge.
  • Thanking again Sourcesense for all the good times and support they gave me, I recently was pleased with the honorย  of becoming an Apache Software Foundation initial committer for the Apache Chemistry project, an open source Apache hosted attempt to build a CMIS compliant Java (but not only) Client/Server implementation. The project was proposed to the Apache Incubator earlier this year and now most of open J2EE based open source vendors have joined this effort, including recently the commitership for Alfresco’s Chief Architect Dave Caruana. Surely news on this side will come in the next few weeks, while the project is sort of stabilizing itself to get into real productivity. I’m really eager to finally be able to contribute structurally to an open source joint effort, and the goal is a high one (willing to be completely idealist): to speak the same language.
  • I’m working on improving the Maven Alfresco support basically in two directions:
    I hope to tell you more in the near future, because this definitely impact the new releass
  1. Abstracting the enterprise generic Maven best practices in a mighty super POM, with a strong accent on Application Lifecycle Management. This has been abstracted already in a separate project now contributed in Google Code under the name of CALM (Calm Application Lifecycle Management, my 1st recursive acronym, yeah!). Maven Alfresco Archetypes version 3.0 (still not released) already use this and I’m sure projects in Sourcesense are already benefitting by the zero configuration that is needed on your specific project POM. Just imagine that adding it as parent of your project, you inherit all best practices like selenium test configuration, maven release support, documentation website already configured. Neat-o!
  2. I believe that building Alfresco extensions and AMPs with Maven will remain a powerful but not complete approach until Alfresco itself moves to Maven. That’s why I’m producing a small spike to demonstrate how easy could be to manage in a more modular and powerful way the huge number of features Alfresco offers, using Maven. Yesterday in only 4h I was able to mavenize the core and the webscript framework, meaning sources refactored, dependencies added, test passing with ~98% success rate. That already means that you can embed the (relocable) webscript framework in your webapp, enabling a new architectural range of powerful ReST based integrations with Alfresco.ย  I hope to tell you more in the near future, because this definitely impact the new releass
  • I will be focusing a lot on the SURF/SHARE collaboration side of Alfresco, so if you have material to share and discuss I suggest you post it to the Content Communityย  or you can directly contact me via the forums. Especially on the Italian one, so that we can give it new life ๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess that more important things have happened since I don’t blog like:

  • I did not spend a word for Obama which hopefully is going to give a steer to this world where our President keeps pushing the stereotype of the Italian macho – not that it was really needed as that’s how they see us already for years
  • Credit crunch is eating wealth and confidence in the standard business models all over the place. Luckily open source is one of the most viable way out of this crisis, and especially here in the Netherlands I was unable to feel a real crisis around me
  • Series 7 of 24 is just finished ๐Ÿ˜‰ That was the first series I’ve actually been following “live”, one episode per week, while previously for the 1-6 series I always had an infinite buffer of episodes still to watch (DVD or online). I’m now actually scared of having to wait till the new premiere, which actually goes out on 17 JANUARY 2010!!! OMG!!! What’s gonna happen to Jack? One suggestion: never get stuck with 24, or even worse with Lost ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Looks like I’m single again…so I guess I should better go out than watch TV series, especially because Dutch spring can really be interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • And to be really effective,ย  I’ll start a Dutch course at Istituto di Cultura Italiana of Amsterdam. So I can finally put together the huge number of Dutch words I feel I know in some sort of decent sentence ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, as you see, I’ve been seeding quite a lot, and I’m sure there’s enough on the plate to stay tuned and check out evolutions in the Alfresco, ECM, Chemistry and Maven sides.

Keep you posted!

Tot ziens!


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