Back to (second) life

The few fellow readers (or just occasional surfers as Google Analytics cleverly notifies me) of this blog may have worried about my health, knowing how social and verbose I am, when seeing this blog silent for more than one year. Not that before this was the most active blog ever, but almost 15 months of silence, well, that’s sound kind of rude to the whole social revolution I’m taking part in.
Especially because it’s in the last 12 months that the biggest change in my life happened, both on the personal side with relocation to Amsterdam, working for Sourcesense Netherlands, and on the professional side in which I grew enormously to the role of Alfresco ECM Architect.

I know it’s a lazy excuse to say I was too busy for not writing a post, posting a pic on Flickr, keep my LinkedIn account super up to date and co.
I also know that there’s much more to life than this social 2.0 trap in which we are all stuck. And that’s where I put my effort in this year, i.e. creating a livable, social, fun environment in which to live the real live, in this new wonderful country.
I have to say that, though, this second life is still so appealing to me, as main channel for keeping my brain busy and in contact with close and far friends especially after relocating that I somehow feel the duty to start back blogging and shouting out the huge number of activities and achievements I had this year.
Now that I have (more or less) gave a strategy to my “real life”, I feel now like I can, officially this time, and with a proper hosting, safely declare I’m back to (second) life.

So, if you’re interested in mostly IT related topics, with a strong focus on Alfresco ECM and Open Source development process success stories, mixed up with some reggae music and constant traveling experiences, well I invite you to stay tuned!

More and more interesting things are to come, so don’t lose track or you may remain easily delayed in this compulsive, lively, exciting and hugely growing open source world.

Let’s make it happen!

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